UIM Showdown
2021 | Branding, Motion Design
UIM Showdown is a community-run ultimate ironman Old School RuneScape event where teams compete to complete a challenge/bingo board. The team wantedĀ this to be a hub for the UIM community and bring everyone together to not only grow the community but to also highlight content creators that play the game mode.Ā 
All Old School RunescapeĀ images copyright of Jagex Ltd.
This event runs multiple times during the year and that it's an event specific for ultimate ironman, skilling, PVM, and the community.

The Concept
The UIM Showdown Inn concept emphasizes the community aspect of the event. It plays off the fantasy MMORPG idea of bringing people together in an inn or a tavern in-game to hang out.Ā 
Halloween 2021 Event
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