Discord Snowsgiving 2022
2022 | Graphic Design, Art Direction
Discord celebrates and gives back to its community every year during the holiday season with a week-long event filled with contests, giveaways, and surprises called Snowsgiving. In 2022, the community raised $129,017 in support of Crisis Text Line. Discord summarized the event here.

We wanted to create visuals that were exciting but also cozy and nostalgic to lean into the holiday season aesthetic. We also needed to make the event look like it was a part of the overall Discord brand.

Create a cohesive, branded visual system for the event within the 2 month timeline that includes marketing assets for social, user acquisition ads, blog, merchandise, press, and in-product assets. The visuals also needed to work with the illustrated visual novel and the Snowsgiving hero video.

I worked closely with our project manager to create a master document to track notes outside of our Asana tickets. The Art School team brainstormed ideas on where to take the event visually and align the connected element, which was Wumpus and their outfit.

I worked with Fiona Tran, who took lead on merchandise, for the Snowsgiving merch collection. Kelsey Borcherding (Sr. Illustrator) and Mariam Naziripour (Sr. Copywriter) designed a visual novel specific to the event and our motion team lead the hero video. Our illustrators: Kevin Dam, Gica Tam, and Justin Middendorp illustrated the wonderful character art for the event. This was an incredible team effort across many disciplines.
‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčIn the Discord app, I designed assets to be used on the in-product page specifically for Snowsgiving. This was a new endeavor for our teams and I collaborated with our Senior Staff Product Designer, Daniel Destefanis to make it happen.
The marketing teams wanted to create a bot for users to interact with throughout the event, so I proactively involved our team as early as possible to work between marketing and engineering to design the necessary assets.
Below are the Discord Town Hall animation and video background assets I designed.
I created many assets for social including Instagram story templates and feed images, including Charli XCX assets for the event partnerships team. Below are a select few.
I designed stickers and emojis with our Sr. Motion Designer, Kevin Okulolo, who then animated a select few emojis.
I also collaborated with Joshua Jouppi, our motion design lead who created these assets, to align the hero video and motion design-related deliverables with the rest of the event brand. 
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