I'm currently looking for work. I'm a sweaty gamer, keeb enthusiast, and avid corn dog lover.
Hey there, I'm a visual designer based in New York City. I'm fascinated with helping people communicate better visually while emphasizing solutions. Being a self-taught designer has encouraged me to explore many different disciplines that I'm passionate about like motion and web design. I am a Rutgers alum, with a double major in both Visual Arts and Communications with a specialization in Public Relations.
I grew up on the internet and fell in love with the world of design after discovering forum signatures and avatars... which then led to Tumblr themes... and then designing for esports on the side while I was in school! When I'm not designing, I'm spending 12 hours looking at custom mechanical keyboards and the other 21 hours playing video games.
Discord / Sr. Graphic Designer / 2019-2023
W2O Group / Sr. Graphic Designer / 2018-2019
Tespa / Designer II / 2017-2019
Studio D Creative / Freelance Designer / 2017-2018
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Figma, Procreate

World of Warcraft, Tetris, MarioKart, League of Legends, Pikmin 4
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