Graphic Design, Merchandise Design, Web Design
Over the course of 7 months, I designed the evergreen merch store and its launch for Discord. This included concepting, designing, sampling, and editing the Shopify store.
The goal of the merch store is to create merchandise that captivates our audience and promoting pride in our brand. We wanted it to be unique, quality, eye-catching, and recognizable without being "slogan-y."
We launched with two collections with MetaThreads: @everyone and @here.
Affordable items that are easily accessible to all, our standard collection.
For initial concepting and designs I lead our graphic design team to solidify concepts. For the @everyone collection, we leaned into common merch items that we know our users like from events and pop ups we have done in the past. We landed on very Clyde-centric elements to use throughout the collection to drive the Discord brand on the items. 
Premium items that are unique, impactful, and ignite excitement. This collection is more limited in stock, and are seasonally available.
While concepting this collection, we wanted the items to speak to our more hardcore users and give almost a "peek" into a blueprint and behind-the-scenes look in our design elements. We also pushed for more gender neutral and feminine items to cater to that portion of our audience since we had not done so before with the crop tops. 
Shopify Store
Edited and cleaned up the store's design for launch by updating the general layout, colors, fonts, headers and misc. images. The highest priority was making sure that the site was easy to navigate for users.
Because this was our first experience launching a store that is to always stay live instead of a pop up, we learned a lot about sampling, site design, and designing for cohesive collections. This launch set our foundation for future merch collections to come.
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