Discord Keyboard
2021 | Graphic Design, Art Direction
This project was a collaboration with Kono to bring Discord branded keyboards to life for hardcore users during Snowsgiving 2021 and 100% of the proceeds went to To Write Love on Her Arms. We raised over $500,000!
I wanted the keyboard to really feel like you were almost in-app so there are many references to the Discord UI and other brand illustrations.
Initial Color Mapping
Using keyboard layout editor, I chose Pantone colors that represent Discord as well as made sure it allowed the keyboard to have some dimensionality with a lighter shade of the official blurple.
Early Novelties Concept
A few ideas include riffing off Discord channel names and in-app iconography. I also wanted to explore Wumpus visuals since the keyboard was for Snowsgiving and for a time to give back to our users.
Final Renders
Keyboard renders provided by Kono that include the novelties and extra accessories.
Final Product Images
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