Discord Figma Templates
2022-present | Graphic Design, Product Design
​​​​​​​The team frequently receives projects that will be reused or repurposed again in the future. To alleviate time and effort spent redesigning the same assets, I have created several internal Figma templates so that the team is well-equipped and more efficient. 
The goals for all templates are as follows:
• Create easily and readily accessible files
• Reduce time spent on designing the same asset
• Design a future-proof system for any designer on the team

Inclusion, Diversity, & Purpose (IDP) Moments
The internal marketing team approached our team to create templates for the different celebrated cultural moments throughout the year in order to streamline the process. One of the most important aspects of this project that I did not want to lose or disregard is when creating these assets, we do not take away from the significance and unique culture that each moment represents. ​​​​​​​
This specific Figma file was also shared internally with the marketing team so I created a how-to guide on how to use Figma and the template in case they were editing copy. 
Below are examples from the graphic design team using the template since its inception.
In-App Mockups
The Discord application's user interface is a common element in graphic design assets. I set up the file to start the team off with badge mockups in the user profile and a changelog mockup for the entire team to be able to plug-and-play assets they create. 
Considerations for the user profile mockup include the light and dark gradient versions. This is to check that the proposed badge designs will still be legible on different backgrounds.
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