2022-present | Web Design, Graphic Design
Overview is a data-aggregation website that pulls information from sites like WarcraftLogs and to populate tier lists and builds for World of Warcraft competitive gamers.

All World of Warcraft images copyright of Blizzard Entertainment.

Create a visual identity for Subcreation and structure the website to make it accessible and easy-to-understand for hardcore and casual users.

The current website contains a ton of data and isn’t necessarily easy-to-read. Version 2.0 is restructuring the entire website from the ground up.

I established the visual identity of Subcreation first, using minimal colors and accents of World of Warcraft’s gear rarity colors, to have a system to reference. Then, I broke down the primary user flow and logically organized the pages.

Below are screens of the original website.
Establishing Identity
The team wanted to create a more defined identity for the website. Pulling inspiration from World of Warcraft, I used the gear rarity system colors to create a palette.
After getting familiar with the website, I broke down Subcreation into its two core elements: tier lists and specialization builds. Then, I visualized a flow that would make sense for the user.
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